Civil & Transportation

From new roads to major intersections, we’ve had the opportunity to be a part of many vital civil and transportation-related projects.

Featured Case Studies

168th Street, Pacific to Center Street

168th Street, Pacific to Center Street

156th Street, Dodge Street to California Street

Other Notable Projects

I-680/West Dodge Road Interchange
Omaha, Nebraska

I-680/West Maple Interchange
Omaha, Nebraska

Pacific Street and 168th Street Intersection
Omaha, Nebraska

Barrington Park Infrastructure
Omaha, Nebraska

Additional Projects


  • Millard Airport Runway Improvements

Urban Infrastructure Improvements

  • 72nd Street – Western Ave. to Mercy Road
  • Dodge Street – 120th Street to 144th Street
  • Dodge Street – 156th Street to 172nd Street
  • Dodge Street – 172nd Street to 194th Street
  • Pacific Street – 132nd Street to 144th Street
  • Pacific Street – 144th Street to 156th Street
  • Pacific Street – 156th Street to 174th Street
  • Crown Point Avenue – Blair High Road to 72nd Street
  • N-31 Elkhorn


  • I-80/I-480 Interchange
  • I-80/42nd Street Interchange
  • I-80/60th Street Interchange
  • I-80/72nd Street Interchange
  • I-80/I-680 Interchange
  • I-680/Maple Interchange
  • Harrison Street Interchange


  • I-80/NE-370 Bridge
  • I-80/West Papio Creek Bridge
  • I-680/Sprague Bridge
  • 132nd & W. Dodge Road
  • 138th & W. Dodge Road
  • I-80/84th Street Bridge
  • I-80/72nd Street Bridge
  • Kennedy Freeway/Gilmore Junction Bridge
  • Capehart Road Bridge

Development Infrastructure

  • Linden Estates
  • Thompson Mile
  • Huntington Park
  • West Bay
  • Elk Ridge

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