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Subcontractor Resources

We value collaboration, integrity, and accountability as a foundation in all subcontractor relationships.  Our long-standing relationships help enable us to meet the commitments of our customers.

Disadvantage Business Enterprises (DBE) and Emerging Small Businesses (ESB)

Vrana fully supports and welcomes doing business with any organizations that are a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise or Emerging Small Business.  We are in contact with the US Department of Transportation and Departmental Office of Civil Right concerning regulations and best practices.

Safety Management Philosophy

Safe Site: Plan, Train, Monitor, ImproveVrana Construction is committed to its safety program. Our highly successful SafeSite program is implemented to meet all project’s safety challenges. The quality guidelines and lessons learned databases will be effectively incorporated into the construction process. The key to any successful endeavor is rooted in proper planning. The SafeSite program is rooted on the following principles: Plan, Train, Monitor & Improve.

Plan: By pre-planning daily work activities, our employees research safety guidelines to ensure that work will be performed in the correct manner, and the correct safety equipment will be on hand at the start of the task.

Train: Training crew members in proper safety gear usage and work guidelines.

Monitor: Monitoring our workplace for safety lapses. If a lapse is found, immediate corrective action will be taken.

Improve: Formal reviews of past tasks will ensure continuous improvement in safety means and methods.

By empowering our workers to participate in safety planning, training, monitoring and improvement, we protect our greatest assets while building a stronger and more productive workforce.

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