Nebraska Educational Telecommunications (NET)

The work at the NET Building located on the UNL East campus in Lincoln, Nebraska, consisted of approximately 13,400 SF of new construction and 120,300 SF of renovation. The new construction provides new office space and indoor storage for a multi-camera remote truck and a single camera production vehicle. The renovation involved several phases of improving the HVAC system, technical spaces supporting the mission of NET, remodeling and expansion of office space, the addition of accessible restrooms and rework of the existing parking lot. All work was completed working around, on top and with the help of NET Personnel.

With the expansion of the Network Operations Center, Nebraska’s NET moves from analog to digital equipment. It houses satellite control of Uplinks, NET Network and Ad Hoc (PBS, CNN, ESPN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Discovery, etc.), a two way video conferencing classroom, a master control room and a media tape/hard disk recording studio.

Renovations included an Editing Corridor that houses the new control rooms for both audio and video editing, the multi-graphics design department for designers and animators and the traffic department that obtains programming from regional and national television networks