Countryside Community Church

Omaha, Nebraska

Countryside Community Church, United Church of Christ, is a local congregation with a long tradition of interfaith collaboration.
The facility is comprised of over 70,000 square feet including a 781 seat sanctuary, a chapel, a 10,000 SF preschool, 8,000 SF social hall, a kitchen, a columbarium, an administrative wing and a coffee bar.

The biggest challenge of the project was detailing the means and methods of incorporating an astonishing amount of various finishes. Numerous pre-installation meetings were held to ensure the installation would meet the strict design requirements. As an example, the exterior wall of the building consisted of a rain screen with terra-cotta tiles that were made for the project in Denmark. Vrana provided mock ups, prior to construction, to ensure the materials and the design would function properly, allowing the owner, architect and subcontractors to make informed decisions on how the building envelope functioned.