Omaha Steaks

Omaha, Nebraska

Projects Completed

  • International Corporate Headquarters
  • Omaha Steaks Telemarketing Center Renovation
  • 96th Street Office Renovation
  • F Street Freezer Facility
  • F Street Production Facility

Omaha Steaks International – Corporate Headquarters

This 65,000 SF class A building was designed and constructed in 10 months. During the design stage Vrana evaluated building systems to be incorporated into the final design that met the project schedule and budget. To ensure that materials were onsite when required, Vrana pre-purchased items and assigned them to subcontractors for installation.

OSI Telemarketing Center Renovation

The main challenge of this 30,000 SF project was to complete all construction activities while allowing the owner to continuously operate its high-volume call center. As part of the renovation, Vrana installed a new backup generator and replaced the existing UPS system while all computer workstations remained on-line. Specific guidelines were implemented to ensure that fiber optic, phone and data lines were not cut during renovation.